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EmulatorXone provides resources for users of E-mu Emulator X and E-mu Emulator X Studio samplers. As a longtime E-mu Emulator sampler enthusiast, I've supported the E-mu series of samplers with free sounds and tips for several years. I hope you find these pages useful!

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More Praise for My Emulator X Video Tutorials

Want to supercharge your music making with Emulator X or Proteus X? Here's what buyer Mike K. had to say this month about his experience with my video tutorials:

"After watching the drum programming video, my Emulator drum tracks have come alive. Which in turn has made my home studio song productions 100% more professional sounding. Thank you so much for your video tutitorials. I have spent thousands of dollars on equipment and such, but honestly this was the most productive ten bucks I have ever spent in my life."

Thanks for the feedback, Mike! If you'd like get more out of Emulator X, visit the Video Tutorial page for details on my tutorial videos.

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New Emulator X2 and Proteus X2 Video Tutorial!

My Programming Emulator & Proteus X video set now includes a new, 30 minute video that shows how to create cool arpeggiator/sequencer effects using new X2 features! The full video tutorial kit—with more than 2 and half hours of tutorial content—is still just $9.95, for a limited time.

And, as always, your purchase will include FREE updates to new videos about E-mu Emulator X2 and Proteus X2 as I make them available.

Visit the Video Tutorial page for details on these videos and to buy.

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On Sale! Emulator X & Proteus X Tutorials - Just $9.95

For a limited time only... My 2 hour Programming Emulator X video set is only $9.95! Save $10 for a limited time only. And every purchase will include a FREE update to new videos about E-mu Emulator X2 when they are available.

Visit the Video Tutorial page for details on these videos and to buy.

New Free Soundbank: Massive 60 Meg Trumpet

There's a new soundbank on the Free Sounds page! Download the EmulatorXone Trumpet soundbank for a dose of massively multi-sampled brass goodness. Works with Emulator X, Proteus X and Proteus X LE. Visit the Free Emulator X Sounds page to get it.

Programming Emulator X & Proteus X Video Tutorials...
Just $19.95 $9.95

My video tutorials for Emulator X and Proteus X now include more than 2.5 hours of content! Watch while I take you through the complete process of creating a great-sounding Emulator X preset, from sampling through programming and effects. You also get my 40 minute video about programming realistic drum kits for Proteus X and Emulator X. Visit the Video Tutorial page for details.

Emulator X and Proteus X users from around the world have found these videos to be incredibly useful and feedback from happy customers like these have been great:

“Just finished watching the video and it's worth every penny! Very knowledgeable... I'm looking forward to any new videos you put out!”
— Joel H., New York, USA

“I made a quantum leap in my Emulator X knowledge in the 93 minutes of watching this video! Browsing the documentation and experimenting myself would have taken days and days... I must say this was money well spent, thanks for putting the video together.”
— Eddy R.

Just $19.95 $9.95 for more than two hours of step-by-step instruction! The discount price will last for only a short time... These video lessons are available for immediate download, so click here to check it out!

Free Emulator X and Proteus X Sounds!

Check out the Free Sounds page for a variety of sound banks that you can instantly download. There are some new banks as well as new Emulator X versions of sounds I used to distribute at gehenna.com. It's free, so take as much as you want!

These sounds can also be loaded into E-mu's Proteus X and Proteus X LE synthesizers.

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EmulatorXone ("Emulator Zone") offes E-mu Emulator X and Proteus X sampler resources including free Emulator X sounds, a video tutorial about programming the Emulator X sampler and a video tutorial about programming the E-mu Proteus X synthesizer. Copyright 2007, Keith R. Crosley